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About Us

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Years of Experience

How it all began

Fmedia Entertainment was founded in 2012 by Engineer Jonathan Figueroa Mass. In our beginnings we worked on short films that were presented in different film festivals and were nominated in different categories. Unfortunately, passion wasn’t enough to keep the company going so we saw ourselves in the need to abandon the cinematic scene and stop our projects to work on building a better foundation for the company. It is at this point that we transitioned to the wedding world to generate enough capital to buy the equipment needed to get ourselves closer to reaching the goal of working in what we are passionate about, Audio-Visuals. 

The wedding field generated good enough capital to obtain new equipment that helped improve our quality and production value.  People started to see the great potential that our company and product had.

Then a great opportunity to start producing  commercials presented itself. The experience in the commercial industry was countless , this experience took us to the level of professionalism that made us in what we have become.

Finally, we started working in the music industry where the opportunity to work with different artists presented itself and during this process  we saw the need and  potential that the business of equipment rentals had in this industry; to rent high quality equipment at a moderate price. 

Upon this opportunity we started to integrate in our business the rental of high quality equipment,  while still providing shooting services and production services; becoming a wholesome filming company, a one stop shop for customers seeking top-notch production services.

Today Fmedia Entertainment makes it possible to obtain and create high quality content, competitive and accessible in a way that was not possible in the past. 


We dedicate ourselves to create a wholesome experience for the client.


Our clients will always be our first priority

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are all inclusive and we work with every budget.

Our Mission

Our goal is to expand the audiovisual and cinematic field, creating a larger path for the future generations to come.

The FounderJonathan Figueroa Mass

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